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What Makes a ProAutomated Engineer?

The Making of
a ProAutomated Engineer

The success and suitability of ProAutomated engineers begins by getting engineers with the right mentality, training them better than any 3PL engineering firm, and helping them to manage stress and support customers when they are in the field.


ProAutomated begins employee screening by applying a series of filters to a large group of applicants:

  • The Resume Screen | Do you have the education and experience to be a ProAutomated engineer?
  • The Question Screen | Do you have the understanding to be a ProAutomated engineer?
  • The Assessment Screen | Do you have the baseline skills to be a ProAutomated engineer?
  • The Culture Screen | Do you have the disposition to be a ProAutomated engineer?

To successfully pass through these filters, applicants must meet all the criteria, resulting in an elite group of potential ProAutomated controls engineers. In the end, only 1% of applicants are offered a position with ProAutomated. 


The filters continue throughout the training process. The people coming in the door and taking a seat on day one of the four week training have already been screened to meet the ‘ProAutomated Profile’: we know they are flexible, teachable, and learn fast enough that we can have them up to speed and ready for deployment upon the completion of the training program.

What our new engineers learn over the course of their four week training:

Week 1:
      • ProAutomated Company Processes
      • Overview of Electricity, Electronics, Motors and VFDs
      • Ladder Logic Basics
      • Safety
Week 2:
      • Studio 5000
      • Wiring Exercises
      • PLCs and Equipment
      • I/O Checkout
Week 3:
      • Conveyor Functionality 
      • Troubleshooting
      • Customer Specific Information
Week 4:
    • Capstone testing
    • Quality Cards

During the course of the program, if we determine they are not the right fit, they never go into the field. 

The engineers who complete the ProAutomated training program fit the ProAutomated Profile to a T, and are ready to support our clients.

Field Management

COVID made remote work popular, but ProAutomated has had a fully distributed remote workforce since the beginning of the company, with employees deployed at customer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

ProAutomated has developed its management structure over the course of many years in order to be able to manage our team well and ensure they integrate seamlessly into our client’s teams. 

The ProAutomated management structure utilizes a unique series of systems, scorecards, and accountability to ensure our engineers are producing work that meets (and exceeds!) the value and quality standards our customers require, while also balancing what our employees need in terms of their quality of life. 

Our goal is to make sure our employees are operating at their very best, from mental health to physical well-being, in order to best serve our clients. The job of a ProAutomated engineer demands a lot, and we strive to ensure our employees are able to perform their tasks well and consistently, even under strenuous or adverse conditions. 

To best support our team, ProAutomated is committed to helping employees achieve work-life balance by keeping open lines of communication between management and employees, and anticipating when team members may need time off. We also provide incentives along the way so employees can tangibly see and experience the value we place in them and foster an environment of workplace integrity.

Anatomy of a ProAutomated Engineer

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