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Food and Beverage

On-Site Commissioning, Startups, Checkouts, Acceptance Testing and Troubleshooting Services

ProAutomated is Your Source for
On-Site Controls Engineers

ProAutomated partners with manufacturers and system integrators in the food and beverage industry to provide on-site commissioning, startup, checkouts, acceptance testing, and troubleshooting services for warehouse, fulfillment, and manufacturing systems.

We act as an extension of your controls engineering team by partnering with you to complete your on-site project work, so your engineers continue to design and program new systems.

ProAutomated has over 100 on-site engineers across the US and Canada. All our engineers are full-time with ProAutomated; we are not a staffing or recruiting agency. Instead, we are dedicated electro-mechanical engineers with a specialization in on-site project work.

From I/O checkouts to controls commissioning to PLC debugging, ProAutomated is your on-site engineering team. We integrate directly with your engineers to help you get your projects implemented on-time, and close out your projects with go-live support so your team can move on to designing the next project.

High up view of 2 ProAutomated Control Systems engineers working on food and beverage manufacturing equipment

Specific Industry Experience

Our team of seasoned engineers brings industry-specific knowledge and innovative solutions to every endeavor, ensuring precision, compliance, and outstanding results. 

High up view of 2 ProAutomated Control Systems engineers working on equipment with a green light


Our team is dedicated to delivering innovative and tailored services to meet your unique needs. From concept to completion, ProAutomated offers a comprehensive range of services.



High up view of food and beverage manufacturing warehouse of equipment and 2 Field service engineers working on equipment

Hardware and Software Experience

ProAutomated seamlessly integrates hardware and software solutions, ensuring your projects are not just efficient, but also future-proof. Our seasoned engineers have mastered the art of harnessing the latest advancements in both realms, providing you with a competitive edge. 




On-Site Activities

We take pride in delivering top-notch activities that drive innovation and efficiency. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers excel in providing comprehensive on-site solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

On-Site Engineer Soft Skills

From effective communication and problem-solving to adaptability and teamwork, we understand success hinges on the ability to connect with clients and navigate complex projects seamlessly. 


Food and beverage large open warehouse

Online Grocery Fulfillment

From bot grids to robotic picking, our team has experience implementing the technical intricacies of automated grocery systems.

Large stack of red soda cans in warehouse


​​Get your products to distribution faster! By ensuring they bottle or pack effectively ready to ship with minimum manual intervention.

ProAutomated manufacturing engineer's hand on conveyer belt system.


Whether we're fine-tuning the toasted crunch of a tortilla chip or how tightly a machine wraps a burrito, ProAutomated understands the importance of detail in a manufacturing environment.

ProAutomated engineer teem meeting: group of men in hard hats and bright vests on yellow stair landing,


Bottles break! Let us help to ensure the product makes it to the end of the line undamaged and ready to ship.

Anatomy of a ProAutomated Engineer

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