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Lighting Automation

ProAutomated Offers a Range of Tailored Services for Manufacturers Nationwide

ProAutomated is the Manufacturer's Preferred Choice for
Lighting Automation Implementation

Our nationwide team of field service engineers are trained and certified as experts in lighting control equipment from all major manufacturers. The scale and geographical coverage of our team ensures we meet our clients’ needs for responsiveness and support, no matter the location. 


System Layout & Design

With extensive field experience comes an extensive understanding of how systems work. From system specification to device layout, ProAutomated is able to leverage this experience to provide a team that can handle your system layout and design needs.

With projects under our belt ranging from $5k to $500k, we work comprehensively in specification compliance and are adept at making modifications for various energy codes. While maintaining an average lead time under five days, each member of our team produces projects with exacting standards on detail and quality.

Technical Support

With our team of field service experts and centuries of combined experience, we’re here to solve problems large and small. The ProAutomated team has seen these systems in more than a manual, and understands the issues that arise and face your customers in real life.

From quick turnaround phone support to in-depth troubleshooting that requires applied knowledge, we’ve got it covered. Each ProAutomated member can support upwards of 40 customers per day—not just with technical knowledge, but with the customer service to match.

Project Management

Need help with project management? 

ProAutomated is here for you. 

From product delivery and install to system programming and customer acceptance, our team is there. Our experience allows us to understand the changing dynamics of every job and see your projects through to the very end. Our field service engineers specialize in remote project management, working to build and maintain rapport with our team onsite to keep your project on schedule.

We’ve completed 13,000 lighting projects to date across North America, each one further developing our team’s experience in lighting project management. From project values of $10K to $50M, our depth of understanding and proactive approach will keep the project running efficiently and on budget, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Lighting Automation Projects


The LAX Marriott needed to replace their existing lighting system due to failing components and outdated dimmer controls in order to meet the lighting needs for high-profile weddings and ceremonies booked in the ballroom and conferencing space. ProAutomated worked within the hotel’s tight renovation schedule to make the event space shine. 


The iconic St. Thomas Church has stood on 5th Avenue in New York City since the turn of the 20th century. A modern lighting system with advanced user interface, coupled with fine-tuned dimming performance, accentuates the Gothic architecture and the contrast of light and shadow.

Over 80 different lighting scenes are stored in the lighting control database for St. Thomas, allowing staff to transition the lighting to match the varying services which take place throughout the year.


Home of the Philadelphia Eagles! When Lincoln Financial Field fills with 70,000 fans, it’s imperative for the lighting system to perform reliably. ProAutomated implemented a lighting control system upgrade for the field, seating, club level boxes, concession stands, and all other public areas of the stadium. Now, night games are our favorite!


At one of the most prestigious art museums in New York City, the look and feel of lighting has a monumental impact on the displayed works of art in each gallery. ProAutomated designed a lighting control system that allows show directors and facilities staff to break up the lighting intensity into different zones and modify lighting color temperature dependent upon the ever-revolving shows that come into the museum.


A pinnacle of American business, The Gap headquarters resides in downtown San Francisco. With a focus on clean, sharp aesthetics and energy efficiency, the lighting control system ProAutomated designed to retrofit the Gap Headquarters at 2 Folsom St. provides the automation to allow building occupants to remain focused on the task at hand: making us all look good.

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