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ProAutomated Engineering Services

On-Site Startup & Troubleshooting Services For the Automation and Controls Engineering Industry

System Integrations and Manufacturing Partner with Support Engineers

We partner with system integrators and manufacturers to provide on-site startup and troubleshooting services for the automation and controls industry with support engineers. We assume the on-site commissioning, testing, verification, troubleshooting, and ongoing support responsibilities so your engineers can keep programming and designing new systems without missing a beat.

Since 2007, we have completed more than 15,000 on-site automation and controls projects. Our 100+ road warrior on-site engineers love to travel to complete on-site project work! Our comprehensive team includes such specialties as technical support engineering, control systems engineering, and field service engineering. 

Finally, in order to maintain the highest standard of project excellence, you can rest assured that every ProAutomated engineer who earns a support engineer salary is a full-time team member—no contractors here! Our engineers are trained and certified in the skills necessary to succeed on-site: technical troubleshooting, controls engineering, communication, documentation, quality, and safety, and are intrinsically motivated to complete their work with unparalleled integrity.

Engineering Support Services


On-site commissioning and startup: this is the core of who ProAutomated is. Since 2007, we’ve commissioned control systems engineering projects for manufacturers and system integrators in lighting control, material handling, and mission critical facilities. Our team of over 100 control engineers are full-time with ProAutomated; we are not a staffing or recruiting agency.

The ProAutomated team receives extensive training at our Newark, Delaware training facility. This training not only includes the technical skills needed to succeed in our industries, but also the soft skills: the customer service, project management, escalation management, and social engineering needed to succeed on-site.

From I/O checkouts and controls commissioning to PLC debugging, acceptance testing and go-live support, ProAutomated is your on-site engineering team! We integrate directly with your engineers to help you get your projects implemented on-time, and allow your team of controls engineers to move on to their next project.

View of food and beverage manufacturing warehouse of equipment, behind 2 Field service engineers working on equipment


Our team of Site Construction Managers manage and coordinate large construction projects on-site. We report directly to your project manager. We act as your eyes and ears on-site, representing you while we monitor, report, and document your project during its installation and implementation phases.

As Site Managers, we are responsible for the day-to-day running of your project. We hold daily meetings, coordinate with the trades on-site, assess site readiness, redirect workflows as necessary, liaison with the end user on-site, document and escalate issues, and keep you informed with a daily report of your site progress. 

Our job is to make sure your project is implemented on-time, with the highest quality, within scope, and on-budget.

High up view of food and beverage manufacturing warehouse of equipment and ProAutomated2 Field service engineers working on equipment


With the ProAutomated team located all over North America, we can coordinate and implement lifecycle support services and service contract fulfillment. 

We are anywhere local, with ProAutomated technical support engineers located within a two hour drive of 80% of the US population. We troubleshoot and diagnose issues, order parts, and fix the problem—all while on-site. 

ProAutomated will provide a full report on the issue and work directly with the end user to make sure their expectations are exceeded every time they work with your system.


ProAutomated can supplement your engineering controls team with sprint capacity for PLC programming services. 

Our controls engineering team can work fully independently, or integrate directly with your team as needed. ProAutomated support engineers are skilled at system design and programming for controls systems in the materials handling and mission critical industries.


ProAutomated offers design and layout services for control systems primarily using AutoCAD. Our control systems engineering services include system specification, device and panel layout, control schematics, networking, and installation details. 

Our team works closely under the direction of your project lead to design the system, prepare schematics, create the bill of materials, generate CAD drawings, and update “as-builts” at project completion.


With our nationwide team of field service engineers, ProAutomated provides the onsite help you need, when you need it. We achieve this through a thorough 4+ week training for each new ProAutomated member, which ensures our team is trained in both the technical skill set to accomplish the job along with the social skill set to see it through and is invested with a ProAutomated full time field service engineer salary.

With three quarters of our workload in startup environments, we know how to interface with contractors and integrators. At ProAutomated, we’re prepared to get your systems set up; but more importantly, we’re ready to troubleshoot and resolve issues when something goes wrong. 

Our experience in documentation and expectation management shines through when working with your customers and when the need for commissioning arises. The ProAutomated team’s professionalism and leadership is palpable onsite, allowing your customers to place their total confidence in your product (and our team).

High up view of food and beverage manufacturing warehouse of equipment and ProAutomated2 Field service engineers working on equipment



On average, ProAutomated partners are able to increase their project capacity by 25% — all without making a single internal engineering hire!

Not only do we solve problems (e.g., not having enough engineering resources to cover the startup and on-site work you already have), but we allow our customers to take on even more projects. No need to pay a technical support engineer salary or controls engineer salary when you don’t have the resources to hire.

ProAutomated customers can rest easy knowing they always have a reliable partner to provide on-site commissioning and troubleshooting services for their projects.


ProAutomated customers experience an average profit increase of $300 per day, per engineer, every single time they use ProAutomated. 

How, you ask? Our per day cost is usually the same (or less) than the cost of using your own engineers! ProAutomated’s customers end up making their normal engineer markup, while allowing their engineers to move on to new billable design and programming work, further increasing profits. 

Our nationwide team of on-site engineers also decreases your project travel expenses when you use ProAutomated.


The number-one complaint we hear from controls engineers in industrial automation is the need to travel on-site for customer projects. 

We’ve seen a significant increase in the ability to retain controls engineers at our partner companies when they use ProAutomated for their on-site commissioning and troubleshooting work. 

Less travel for your engineers means greater job satisfaction, greater productivity, and less stress for them (and for you). In the end, they continue to do the job they love, with less travel!


Wait, how can using a third-party on-site field service engineer provider increase my customer’s satisfaction? Won’t they be less satisfied? 

At ProAutomated, we’ve found our partner engineer consulting companies report an increase in end-user satisfaction while using our services. 

Why is that?

ProAutomated hires and builds our team of on-site engineers with a unique and specific customer service profile. These are engineers who like to interact with all types of people, solve customer problems, and travel 100% of the time. 

We spend weeks training our team on customer service skills and walking them through interactive role-plays for handling the challenging situations commonly faced on-site.

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