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Meet Our Team

Together, We Range From Body Builders to Blacksmiths to Collectors

The ProAutomated Team

At ProAutomated, our team consists of individuals across the United States and Canada who are intelligent, resilient, and caring. Every day, we work together to ensure the utmost excellence for our partners and customers, while also focusing on creating a better world to live in. One of our core values, caring, is woven throughout the fabric of the company. Our team members spend their free time volunteering both locally and nationally, traveling, advancing their education, and so much more! Together, our team ranges from body builders to blacksmiths to collectors. ProAutomated encourages the importance of work-life balance, and focuses on getting to know our team members in order to successfully advance them—both in career, and in life.

“Caring for each other is the reason I love working at ProAutomated.” – Glassdoor review

Getting the Help You Need
Key Differentiators

2 ProAutomated Technical Support engineers, both in safety vests and white hardhats looking up at equipment.


Highly selective recruiting process comprised of four filter layers before an offer is made.

2 ProAutomated Technical Support engineers, both in safety vests and white hardhats looking up and pointing to equipment.


All team members must pass an immersive four-week training at our training facility in Delaware.

2 ProAutomated Technical Support engineers, both female both in safety vests and white hardhats looking up at equipment.


Proven field service management best practices for a distributed workforce.

Learn How We Vet and Train Our Team
The ProAutomated Difference

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is, “How do you get such great people?”

When you bring a ProAutomated staff member to work with your team on a project, they come equipped with the knowledge to do the job, the training to get it done right, and the personality to both fit into the team and help drive the job toward completion. 

As the largest third-party controls engineering company in the world, ProAutomated knows how to hire talent—but talent alone isn’t enough. At ProAutomated, we have a team of employees, not contractors. But that’s not enough, either!

In our vetting process (which is more selective than Harvard), we identify key traits that make for exceptional team-oriented engineers. Even so, vetting only accounts for who engineers are as people: there are still gaps to fill. We invest heavily in both our training center-based program as well as our new hires. The combination of size, the security our people feel working for us as our employees, our stringent vetting process, and our in-depth training process all ensure that our employees can show up to your site and plug-in effectively right away. 

That’s the ProAutomated difference!

Our Team
The ProAutomated Difference

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The Team

Anatomy of a ProAutomated Engineer

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